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Nothing makes a statement in your house quite like a chandelier creating a beautiful focal point in any room. These fixtures can be found in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes which range from classic to contemporary, and will instantly add a touch of elegance to your home. A high quality fixture is a good investment, adorning your home for a lifetime, but it is very important to take proper care of it. When you are ready to have your chandeliers cleaned, you may want to turn to the professionals at Total Home Care of Gerogia, Inc. in Atlanta. We provide our services to a large portion of the area, check out the full list of cities in which we provide chandelier cleaning.

According to House Cleaning Central, it is important to get your chandelier cleaned regularly so that it maintains its brilliant shine. Here are some guidelines from the site that we also follow when performing these cleaning services in a home:

  1. Always be sure that the light is OFF before removing any light bulbs or crystals
  2. Soft, cotton cloths will be used instead of paper towels which could scratch crystal surfaces
  3. Cleaners are not directly sprayed onto the crystal as this can damage its finish

Light Fixture Cleaning

Atlanta Light Cleaning

Our light fixture cleaners focus on the cleaning of all kinds of fixtures, regardless of whether they are a family heirloom or a new purchase. Regardless of what type of light fixture you've got, it is very important that you ensure that is stays in good shape.

A dirty chandelier very quickly loses its luster and twinkle; the build-up of dirt and grime lessen its ability to reflect light. Although the process of disassembling and cleaning a light may appear a little too much to handle to the typical homeowner, our team of professionals is easily able to get the job done. We will make your fixtures sparkle and look like new again!

This is a chore that many homeowners have a tendency to overlook. You would be surprised at just how much dust and grime there is on your lights. Also, there is probably a substantial accumulation of cooking oils on the outside, and dead bugs on the inside of the light.

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Our professionals can clean lights which are situated high up or within easy reach in your home, so you don't have to! We can also replace those hard to reach light bulbs. Please contact Total Home Care of Georgia, 770-662-8210 for more information or to schedule an appointment. We offer FREE in-home estimates.


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